All puppies come with health guarantees and shots up to date.  Most come with eligibility for registration with AKC and/or ASCA.  All puppies are F.O.B. here at the ranch.  Puppies are released for pick up at 8 weeks.  At that time we can "ground ship" them, however we don't "air ship" them until they are somewhat older unless you are carrying them on with you in the passenger cabin.  We hand deliver puppies to California free of charge.  All other costs associated with shipping will be charged to the buyer.
From day one, all of our puppies are handled and observed for conformation, personality and ability. Conformation Show quality puppies must be correctly marked and show no overt faults at time of release. Agility, Herding, Obedience and Pet puppies can show non-regulation markings and less stringent conformation but will not exhibit any noticeable trait that would prevent participation in these areas. We are free to answer questions regarding our impressions of each puppy and will be frank in our responses. When choosing a puppy as a companion or family dog, please remember that boys make just as good, if not better, pets then the girls. If neutered by 6 months and not exposed to an unneutered adult male dog, most boy puppies will not learn to hike their leg and mark territory. Some of our best pets have been boys. Aussies in general make wonderful family/ranch dogs. They are extremely intelligent, loyal and fun loving. They do require exercise and inter-action with you. Prior to placing one of our puppies we will want to know why you want an Aussie and whether you understand your responsibilities in adopting one, as well as what type of home you are offering. We love our puppies very much and want them to be loved by you.
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